NEWS NEWS BB STORE ATHLET EXCLUSIV | Maria – Luana Grigoriu, portretul unei campioane vișinii!

Grigoriu Maria-Luana , borned in 7th February 2000 , so 21 years now and started olympic weightlifting at 10  years old because I seen some competitions, I started to lift something at home and when was my birthday in 2011 my father made me a surprise and took me to weightlifting . After 2 weeks I was at my first competion like a child and I did a good result at that age , without emotions or fear  . At 13 years old I win my first National Senior title . After of all nationals titles comed to me more than 10 times . At 2018 Europeans Weightlifting Championship  I get the bronze medal in 58 kg category . I had 2 silver medals and 2 bronze before at  Europeans U20 Championships , everytime I missed the last attempt for gold . In 2019 I get one silver and one bronze at Europeans U20  Championshoips with 116 clean and jerk and 208  total . Also my best after this was  96 snatch and 121 clean and jerk and my favorite  is the second . In my tehnique , I use power jerk everytime  , not split jerk like usual .

I  am  in love with all jerk auxiliary exercises , I use a lot of this exercises in my training . I am more in love with auxiliary , than squats for example but I did 170  back squats and 130 front , and I know I should improve little bit , but my tehnique helps me more to lift .

I  graduate  The Sport  University  and a mathematics highschool so I know how to calculate your weights :)))  Now I do weightlifting coach school in Romania and I will finish in this summer . I do trainings too in this time , of course .